Epoque Quartet and Dasha

Three years ago one of the best Czech singers Dasha, who has been singing for many years in both the most successful musicals and as a soloist of the bands Pájky Pájk and the Moondance Orchestra, has accepted our offer to play concerts together . During that time, many unique arrangements of jazz, soul and pop songs have been created and more are being added. Well-known music in this intimate, string concept sounds a little different than you would expect. Of course, better… And where the strings are no longer enough, we have the honor to invite excellent musicians – pianist Martin Kumžák and guitarist Peter Binder.

Epoque Quartet and David Braid

CD “FLOW” was released by Steinway & Sons at the end of March 2016. A joint project of Canadian pianist and composer David Braid and Epoque Quartet, balancing on the border between contemporary classical music and jazz. We have christened the CD in New York and performed on two tours in Canada and China. The album was also nominated for the prestigious Juno Awards.

Radek Baborák – “Orquestrina”

The musicians that Radek Baborák has assembled for this project are friends and colleagues with which he has performed alongside for a number of years, some for nearly 25 years. Both the Baborák Ensemble and the Epoque Quartet are taking part, as well as additional players Baborák has specially selected for this repertoire. These are some of the top players not only in the Czech Republic, but in the whole of Europe. The first “Orquestrina” CD was released in autumn 2014.

Epoque Quartet & Duo Siempre Nuevo

The combination of string quartet and guitar duo creates incredible sound colors. And indeed very colorful and original is also the full-length program, which we put together with the two gentlmen a year ago and which will be soon released on our next CD. Tango, jazz, classic and film music…

Epoque Quartet & Jan Kučera (piano)

The fateful meeting with our colleague and especially friend Jan Kucera took place in 1992. Already at that time we started to play music of various genres and after the foundation of our quartet in 1999 we were lucky enough to be supplied with compositions from his pen (felt-tip pens). This collaboration is eventually captured on our new album, which was nominated for the Anděl Award in 2019. It is a great pleasure, that we have more live concert together lately too.

Epoque Quartet & Marek Novotny Trio

The new great album of jazz pianist Mark Novotny “Fresco” is based on an unorthodox sound combination of jazz trio , string quartet and female voice. Amongst other venues this year, we will present thiproject at the prestigious international festival in Český Krumlov.

Together with Marek Novotný, Ondřej Štajnochr (double bass) and Adam Tvrdý (guitar) you can hear guest singer Josefina Čermáková.

Irvin_Epoque Crossover

The project with a phenomenal clarinetist and a “universal” musician  Irvin Venyš will soon see its second CD. After the great success of the first recording (the CD “Irvin_Epoque”), an invitation to prestigious stages and festivals throughout Europe followed. You can hear influences of classical, jazz, folk (Moravian and Romanian), minimalism and many other genres.

W.A. Mozart knew that joining a string quartet with a clarinet brings amazing color and a vast array of sound variations. Even contemporary authors who have their own distinctive musical language also like to compose for this combination of instruments (S. Bodorová, P. Wajsar, J. Kučera, O. Kukal and others)

Epoque Quartet and Matej Ruppert

The most distinctive Czech string ensemble Epoque Quartet in a unique connection with the star of Monkey Business band Matej Ruppert. Musical meeting of long-time colleagues and friends brings both famous songs of Monkey Business and original cover versions of world pop music hits, jazz and opera arias.